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Play games for fun and to relax and enjoy the day. Games for all ages, easy, hard and just plain trivial. Try them alone or with your friends. From memory games to maths! Kitty loves to play, so do we!

Try your luck at an interactive game of good old tic-tac-toe!! (Also known as Noughts and Crosses). Automatic scoring and alternating "first moves" are built in. Fun!
Jigsaw Puzzle
A jigsaw puzzle on the internet. It works in much the same way as a normal jigsaw puzzle, except the element of cheating is left to your discretion.
Lottery Numbers
Select your lottery numbers. Pick how many numbers you want (pick 3, 4, 5 or 6?) and then give it a number range and out comes your lottery numbers! Including the latest UK & US lottery results.
The classic memory game concentration. Uncover all the blocks by successfully matching the image pairs. Click the Timer button to start a new game whenever you want.
Spot the differences between the two card images before time runs out!
Picture Memory
Take your time and study the underwater picture very carefully. When you are ready, start the memory test. The game will ask you where you saw the pieces. See if you can get all 15 right! Not as easy as it sounds!
Fortune Teller
Just ask a yes or no question and the fortune teller will reply. Amusing and neat!
Canoe Clobber
Crazy Carl loves to fish but he has no fishing pole or net. So, he just runs the river, clobbering his prey! Fun...
Crab Race
Places your bets on your favorite coloured crab in a virtual crab race. Each crab has different odds and has different payouts. Good luck!
Play the Checkers Board game. See if you can take as many of the computers counters as you can. Or try and find a safe, single space move. If no safe moves, take what you can get.
Street Hockey
A little skill needed to beat the computer with goals in this game...but practice makes perfect! 
Torpedo Alley
As the submarine captain, you must destroy all ten merchant ships and survive exploding depth charges, hostile torpedo fire, and magnetic mines.

"Who Wants to Be a...Millionaire?"
This online game is a parody of the TV show. The rules are similar. A fun game to play for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is awarded for playing... but a great game to test your skill. Remember you cannot always rely on the audience or your friends!

Kitty's Kiddies Korner

Colouring Book
Pick a picture for you to colour from the drop down list.
Protect the world against an invading enemy squad with Pokemon 
Face Memory
See how well you can do in trying to remember a random face.
Shoot It
Try to blow up the castle with your Cannonball.

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